Wildcat Chat

Last Updated: 8/28/2020 8:37 PM



Wildcat Chat is a student-run organization inside Paloma Valley High School that collaborates with student leadership to support the creating and challenging projects that exemplify student life on campus.  We believe in creating, supporting and celebrating the culture, shared character, and diversity of the student body by using media arts to express campus life.  One of our main goals is to understand and utilize media responsibility and effect social change by constructing focused pieces, responding to relevant issues that are part of a school culture.  For examples:  social media usage, bullying, etc.



Our Goals

Our team is determined to develop and refine a determined range of creative and adaptive innovation abilities, such as design thinking, and risk-taking in addressing identified challenges and constraint within and through productions.  We strive to critically investigate and ethically interact with all contexts of media arts.

leo romero

Leo Romero is the Wildcat Chat president!  He leads us in our projects with his innovative and outgoing style, as well as expressing new and interesting  ideas.



Questions, comments or concerns?  Contact our supervisor, Stephanie Fomby.  stephanie.fomby@puhsd.org