Expected School Wide Learning Results

Last Updated: 8/27/2020 5:11 PM
  1. Academic Achievers who:
    • Possess a broad body of knowledge encompassing the humanities, arts, mathematics, and sciences

    • Are competent in the basic skills of reading, writing, and calculating

    • Are ready to successfully enter into diverse careers and/or further academic studies/vocational training

    • Use technology to collect, analyze, organize, and evaluate information from a variety of sources

  2.  Effective Communicators who:
    • Organize ideas and communicate thoughts and information orally, in writing, and through the use of charts, graphs, and visual aides

    • Analyze processes and explain how they work

    • Listen actively, speak intelligently, and write coherently

    • Use technology as a productive tool

  3. Critical Thinkers who:
    • Solve and analyze problems, identify information, and evaluate possible solutions both cooperatively and individually

    • Contemplate relevant issues and formulate justified opinions and solutions

  4. Self-Disciplined Citizens who:
    • Show respect for the uniqueness of individuals, their property, and the environment

    • Establish and achieve realistic personal, educational, and professional goals

    • Develop and positive sense of self-worth as reflected in accomplishments, and concern for personal needs

    • Contribute to the community in a positive way

  5. Understand democratic processes and value their participation in them